SpecTerra Imagery for Precision Viticulture

Acquired from flowering to the onset of veraison, SpecTerra Imagery is a highly practical, efficient and profitable tool widely used by viticulturists for:

  • The application of strategic canopy management techniques
  • A greater understanding of irrigation and fertiliser requirements
  • Yield forecasting for logistics planning
  • Zonal harvesting in accordance to fruit quality for greater homogeneity of outputs
  • Overall environmental  and economic viability

SpecTerra has been working in partnership with the Australian wine industry since the early outset of Precision Viticulture to pioneer high-quality, reliable and cost-effective applications of remote sensing data.

Research and Articles

Selective harvesting is a feasible and profitable strategy even when grape and wine production is geared towards large fermentation volumes
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Adoption of Precision Viticulture on the Rise
Tony Proffitt (AHA Viticulture, Precision Viticulture Australia), Erika Winter (GrapeLinks)
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Adding value to the wine business precisely: using precision viticulture technology in Margaret River
Tony Proffitt (AHA Viticulture, Precision Viticulture Australia), Bruce Pearce (Vasse Felix)
The Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker, 2004
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Vineyard remote sensing - practical applications
Colin Hinze (Taylors Wines)
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Further Information

For further information on Precision Viticulture applications of SpecTerra Imagery and pricing options, please contact:

Nathan Turner
Operations Manager - Viticulture
Phone: +61 8 9227 9644
Email: info@specterra.com.au