SpecTerra Imagery for Precision Agriculture

From individual fields to entire growing regions, SpecTerra Imagery provides low cost, high quality and timely information on your crop health, to:

  • Identify, map and assess within field variability
  • Implement precision farming practices for reducing inputs and increasing yields
  • Monitor the outcome of crop management operations
  • Identify locations for strategic sampling
  • Estimate crop yield with greater accuracy
  • Plan strategic harvesting operations

SpecTerra's range of Precision Agriculture products provide growers and consultants with a new level of confidence in implementing strategic crop practices.

Research and Articles

The use of high resolution imagery in broad acre cropping
Derk Bakker & Grey Poulish (Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia)
Agribusiness Crop Updates, 2009
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Agricultural Applications of High-Resolution Digital Multispectral Imagery: Evaluating Within-Field Spatial Variability of Canola (Brassica napus) in Western Australia
Georgina Warren & Graciela Metternicht
Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, 2005
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"PCT choose SpecTerra Services because of their expertise, professionalism and data quality in the remote sensing field. SpecTerra provide high resolution biomass surveys of crops for in crop management solutions provided by PCT and agents."

Andrew Smart, Managing Director
Precision Cropping Technologies Pty Ltd

Further Information

For further information on the use of SpecTerra Imagery for Precision Agriculture or to discuss pricing options, please contact:

Hayden Axford
Technical Manager - Agriculture, SpecTerra Services
Phone: +61 8 9227 9644
Email: info@specterra.com.au