SpecTerra Imagery for Plantation Forestry

For broad-scale management of plantation forestry projects, SpecTerra Imagery is a powerful and effective tool: from pre-planting to post-harvest and the critical growth stages between.

In association with Australian forestry groups, SpecTerra has developed a suite of GIS compliant products, to support forest managers and consultants with:

  • Preliminary site surveys
  • Strategic site planning
  • Detection and mapping of pest, disease, fire and plantation damage
  • Mapping and quantification replanting programmes
  • Identification of areas of deficiency for fertiliser applications
  • Planning thinning and harvesting operations
  • Monitoring post-harvest site rehabilitation
Research and Articles

Remote Sensing Offers Plantation Management Benefits
Dr Glen Kile (Forest & Wood Products Research and Development Corporation)
Media Release, 2004
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Application of Multispectral Imagery to the Management of Pine Plantation Condition and Productivity
C. Stone, N. Coops, N.Sims, P. Ryan, A. Loughhead, M.Stanford, N. Goodwin (for Forest & Wood Products Research and Development Corporation)
Sustainable Forest Management Project No. PN02.1906, 2004
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Further Information

For further information on these products or to discuss pricing options, please contact:

Andrew Malcolm
Managing Director, SpecTerra Services
Phone: +61 8 9227 9644
Email: info@specterra.com.au