Environmental Monitoring

SpecTerra Imagery is unrivalled as a high-quality management tool to map and monitor variations in vegetation status for environmental monitoring projects, including:

  • Mining impact and rehabilitation
  • Native and protected vegetation studies
  • Assessment of environmental management practices
  • Monitoring of high value and 'significant' tree and other vegetation assets
  • Plant community mapping

The flexibility of deployment for SpecTerra's sensor allows image acquisition with beneficial timing for the highest sensitivities in vegetation status for:

  • Automated identification of areas of interest, risk and sensitivity
  • Monitoring temporal changes and trends in vegetation status
  • Ongoing monitoring of proposed and established rehabilitation zones; from individual tree-level projects, to state-wide rail/road networks, water courses, riparian corridors and broad-scale management areas
  • Effective reporting as part of an environmental management system framework; to support ministerial conditions and audit schemes and maintain relevant certification

Research and Articles

Report on Coolibah Survey Results - April 2008
Frank Batini (on behalf of Rio Tinto Iron Ore)
Paper published in 2008
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Aerial photography monitors changes in our catchments
Andrew Malcolm (SpecTerra), Mike Canci (Water Corporation of Western Australia)
Wungong Whispers, 2007
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Wungong Catchment Trial Review of Research Program
Don McFarlane (CSIRO)
Paper published in 2008
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"...the SpecTerra data have been shown to provide quality information that can be used to monitor both the effectiveness of the catchment operations along with change in vegetation health and structure. SpecTerra provides fast mobilisation of equipment and quick turn-around in delivery of data products."

McFarlane, D.J. (2008). Wungong Catchment Trial - Review of Research Program. CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country Flagship Client Report to the Water Corporation
CSIRO (Australia).

Further Information

For further information on the use of SpecTerra Imagery for Environmental Monitoring or to discuss pricing options, please contact:

Dustin Bridges
Technical Manager - Environment
Phone: +61 8 9227 9644
Email: info@specterra.com.au